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2013 Judging Panel


John Reinhart, CEO, InnovateLTC

Jeff Makowka, Senior VP AARP Thought Leadership

Scott Collins, CEO, Link~age Ventures

Rick Barker, Vice President for Information Technology, Silverado Senior Living

Louis Burns, CEO, GE/Intel CareInnovations (moderator)

And the Finalists Are…..

The 2013 LTC LINKTank finalists are in!


Social Code provides patient engagement and behavior change through social connectivity, remote monitoring, mobile intervention and data analytics. For the ageing population or patient in long-term care, online communities can extend the doctors reach beyond the clinical setting and connect patients with family and caregivers as well as patients just like them. Remote monitoring, reminders, daily interventions and incremental challenges provide a sense of achievement, increased health literacy leading to self-efficacy and a sense of empowerment.


Liberate Medical, LLC is a medical device company based in Louisville, KY, utilizing a platform technology based on surface electrical stimulation to the abdominal muscles in synchrony with a patient’s voluntary breathing cycle.  Liberate’s mission is to improve the quality and reduce the cost of care for patients who have difficulty weaning from mechanical ventilation and for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


WalkJoy Inc. with its WalkJoy and Walking Health offering represent landmark development in restoring of gait and balance–as well as providing important walking diagnostics for all patients. Utilizing its precise, onboard WalkingHealth telemetry stimulating exacting synthetic secondary heel strike signals, the compact WalkJoy units provide for quick and efficacious restoration of gait and balance in peripheral neuropathy patients.  The compact WalkJoy and Walking Health devices are convenient, precise and easy to use—resulting in a paradigm shift in gate lab analysis and ongoing patient care and monitoring for most of the adult patient population.

ReMinD Tech Logo 2

Medication non-adherence is estimated to cost $290 billion annually, or 14% of the total cost of health care in the U.S. ReMinD Technologies LLC is a medical device company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced consumer technologies to help patients and caregivers ensure medication adherence. MindRx, our INTELLIGENT phone case/software application system, carries and dispenses medication while recording and tracking medication data to prompt self-motivated adherence, becoming a permanent medication companion system to patients and an indispensable tracking tool for caregivers and physicians.


CoPatient is technology-enabled services companies focused on helping consumers manage the finances behind their healthcare. Rebecca Palm and Katie Vahle founded the company in early 2012 after spending several years working together at athenahealth. CoPatient audits and appeals medical bills on behalf of individuals and employers on a contingency basis.  This service exists today, but only through a cottage industry of dispersed patient advocacy providers. CoPatient brings the experience to the cloud to create a network effect where intelligence from each individual case can be applied to subsequent cases, making these advocates more efficient and effective.

bam labs

The BAM Labs TLC Smart Bed Platform, healthcare professionals and caregivers can monitor a group of people at all times while performing their daily duties whether in an acute, post-acute, or home health setting. The TLC Platform is an effective tool for position change validation, bed exits for fall prevention programs, and for automated documentation proven to save hundreds of staff hours per month. Clinicians can also review long term trend data for adverse sleep patterns, resting heart and breathing rate trends and overall sleep quality.

Contact Alicia Heazlitt for more information on attending  this year’s LTC LINKTank

502-569-0301 |  | @InnovateLTC |  #LINKTank

Caremerge, 2012 Winner, Written Up as Coolest App in Venture Beat

May 20, 2013 8:54 PM

SAN FRANCISCO – Your health is not solely in your doctor’s hands. As mobile technology improves and health care providers reach out to consumers, many apps are popping up to help people manage their own health.

The problem is that too many of these apps are useless.

At HealthBeat 2013 today, David Levin, chief medical information officer of Cleveland Clinic explained what he sees all too often when reviewing new technology: “CrApps,” or crappy apps.

Fortunately, not all apps are crappy. Here are some of the most promising new consumer health apps.


Pokitdok is a health marketplace with price transparency for health services, where consumers can shop directly from providers. Originally launched as a “Pinterest for healthcare,” the mobile app now offers tools for payers to facilitate transactions.

Coolness factor: Although it’s unclear whether consumers will actually purchase health services online, fully transparent cost data should facilitate better care decisions and value based judgments. The app also collects quality ratings data for providers so that patients can generate a match score based on their personal and clinical needs in order to locate their ideal provider. PokitDok makes it possible for patients to consider both efficacy and price when making healthcare decisions.


Caremerge is the first app that allows caregivers to communicate and coordinate with those living in senior  communities. Through their web and mobile apps, staff can connect with each other while offsite stakeholders (doctors, family members, etc.) organize timely care.

Coolness factor: As the population ages and baby boomer smartphone adoption increases, Caremerge will engage families in managing their elders’ health and help reduce hospital readmissions. But only 18 percent of consumers age 50 or older currently have a smartphone, and those are exactly the people who are generally caring for seniors, so this number will have to rise.


MangoHealth came out of RockHealth’s 2012 class and enables users to facilitate and track their medication intake. The app identifies potentially dangerous interactions with medications, supplements, or food and drink, provides medication reminders, and offers real-world rewards for taking medication on time.

Coolness factor: Over half of the U.S. adult population uses supplements and 40 percent of older adults take 5 or more prescriptions per day. As these numbers increase, a user-friendly app can prevent adverse health reactions and decrease medication non-compliance (estimated to be a $289 billion problem.)


The Asthmapolis sensor sits on top of an inhaler and automatically syncs data to a mobile app on your smartphone. The system provides personalized feedback and education to control asthma, which affects 25 million people in the US.

Coolness factor: Once the sensor is paired, the phone will automatically capture data from the sensor whenever it is nearby (I wish my Jawbone Up were this easy to use).


Allayo is a virtual health assistant that can save your family as much as 100 hours per year on health care activities. Members can send reminders, order and refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, arrange for tests and labwork, find help with insurance claims, and arrange home delivery. (The company also mentions gamification and loyalty, but we’re less excited about those buzzwords.)

Coolness factor: Allayo has created a new category of health care offerings; the virtual healthcare assistant. As our current system becomes increasingly difficult to navigate, this service provides  “certified medical assistants” who are available on the phone or through secure chat to take care of members’ health needs.

Jeff Makowka, Senior Strategic Advisor, AARP announced as Judge for LINKTank


As Senior Strategic Advisor in AARP’s Thought Leadership group, he supports The Innovation@50+ initiative which aims to spark entrepreneurial activity across public and private sectors. Anchored by the AARP social mission – to enhance the quality of life for all as we age – the initiative enlists the expertise of visionary thinkers, entrepreneurs, the investment community, industry and not-for-profits to spur innovation to meet the needs and wants of people over 50.

LINKTank Details…Deadline Approaching


LTC LINKTank Technology Innovation Competition Introduces Your Emerging Product into the Senior Living Market

Contest will give winner the startup capital and expertise to accelerate their innovation to market.

Jump into the LINKTank

The LTC LINKTank is the only post acute innovation competition where the country’s brightest entrepreneurs present their emerging technologies for long-term care providers. Focused on solving market challenges for long term care and senior living providers, this high-energy, cutting-edge competition is fueled by leading researchers and entrepreneurs with products in development that will radically improve the quality of life and quality of care for the aging market.
Finalists will present in front of an audience of over 200 senior living and long term care providers at the annual LINK Conference. Attendees will give live, interactive feedback on the presentations and an expert judge’s panel – moderated by Louis Burns, CEO of CareInnovations – will award a $10,000 prize to the emerging company that is most able to dramatically impact providers who serve the fast growing aging population.
LINKTank is hosted by InnovateLTC and the LINK Conference.
Who Can Participate?
The LINKTank Competition is open to any non-profit or for-profit research organization, individual entrepreneurs or development teams with a product in development – pre-revenue – for the long term care or senior living markets. Judges will include provider organizations, technology experts, VCs, and Angel Investors.
How Does the Competition Work?
The competition is structured in three phases:
1. Complete the nomination form and view more information at:
2. InnovateLTC will work with final nominees to prepare for the live presentation.
3. Nominees will present at the 2013 LTC & Senior Living LINK Conference. Up to five finalists will receive a travel stipend to present their ideas to a panel of judges at the LTC & Senior Living LINK Conference, July 22 in Chicago, and a chance to win $10,000 in non-dilutive capital, sponsored by InnovateLTC, a business accelerator based in Louisville, KY.
For more information contact Alicia Heazlitt at
(502) 569-0301 or visit
Competition, held at the 2012 LTC & Senior LINK Conference

Scott Collins Joins LINKTank as a Judge this Year


As President/CEO, Scott Collins is responsible for the strategic direction & growth of the company which connects its more than 460 member locations to a broad range of resources to ensure their ongoing success. Linkage collaborates with senior living providers & thought leaders throughout the country to explore new market opportunities beyond the campus as well as innovative ways of generating revenue and containing costs. Before joining Linkage, Mr. Collins was a Vice President & Senior Account Executive with GE Capital Commercial Asset Funding. Mr. Collins has also held senior management positions in the commercial real estate and textile industries.

The 2013 panel will be led by Louis Burns, the CEO of Intel-GE Care Innovations™, a joint venture between GE Healthcare and Intel that delivers technology-enabled solutions into the healthcare and senior living markets.