2012 Finalists

A Tough Decision but here they are!

The field of finalists has been narrowed to six, with each finalist making a presentation to an audience of more than 100 representatives from senior living and long-term care provider organizations on July 30, 2012.  The six finalists for this year’s LTC LINK Tank are as follows:

Cadence Biomedical: Kickstart a mobility device that amplifies the strength of weakened muscles by utilizing a tuned system of long springs and cams paired with an external support structure, allowing individuals to walk longer and faster while rehabilitating muscle and nerve function.

MobileMedTek: ElectroTek – a medical device that condenses 5 major electrophysiological tests into a single unit that dramatically increases the accessibility of data through real-time technology while reducing the process time by 70% and the size of equipment by 75%.

ROTA Mobility: RoTRike, RoChair, and RoScooter – manually propelled wheelchairs providing exceptional mobility and freedom (without the risk of RSI) utilizing a biomechanical breakthrough enabling it to climb hills and traverse easily over uneven terrain.

SilverSeeker: Customized social networking platform a private online portal (with many FaceBook-like features) exclusively for 55+ active lifestyle communities, helping them connect based on shared interests, and facilitates communication with management.

CareMerge: Complete set of web and mobile apps revolutionizing communication and care coordination for senior living facilities.

Assisted Technology Products, Inc.: HydroCare – a wireless personal hydration device that allows people of all abilities to take a drink of water with ease (device also wirelessly communicates all collected data with care provider), ensuring proper and safe hydration while reducing staff responsibility.


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